Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Ted Nasmith - Across Gorgoroth

Ted Nasmith - Across Gorgoroth
Valar - Where Dragons Forever War

Scarecrow (Aut) - Live Explosion

Ringwraith - Tales From Middle Earth
Netherealm - Summoning The Shadows
Masmorra - Remains From a Land
Lycanthropian Carnage - Voluntary Disconnection
Kenaz - The Wind of Terror
Inquinok - Immortal Dawn
Horde of Worms - Unearthly Desolation
Destroying Divinity - Hell Unleashed
Dark Eden (Mex) - Frightful Chronicles of Human Nature

Adiastasia - Life War

Demised (Esp) - Between The Ashes & The Silence
Krom (Ita) - Endawn
 VA - Informal Tribute To The Summoning
Corpus Domini - I.S.O.S. - Split - Infernal Masters Elite

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