Thursday, 23 September 2010

Duncan Long - Lake of Fire

Duncan Long - Lake of Fire
Last Tyrant - Blackland

Disorder (Bel) - Cold Blood

Black Rain (Bra) - Gates Of Hell

Hellwitch - The Epitome of Disgrace
Burning Angel - Return of the Order
Strings of Distorted Doom - Strings of Distorted Doom
Necrolord (USA) - Burn With The Beast
 Exocet (Gbr) - Exocet

Sarasvatï - Sarasvatï
Nerraka - Arise From Hell
Lycanthropy (Rus) - Former Glory...
Eternal Death (Prt) - Raise of Hell - The Rehearsal Tapes 2002-2004
 Funeral (Pry) - Marching to Fire
Lucifer (Ltu) - Agony
Blaze of Hate - The Human Sunset
 Chupa Cabra - Necropolis
 Dominus (Irl) - Live Cuts
 Obsecration - Oceanum Oblivione

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