Monday, 27 September 2010

Paul Gustave Doré - The Erinnys

Paul Gustave Doré - The Erinnys
Adonais - Obscurae Hiemis Mysteria
 Bloody Sign - The Nocturnal Moans of the Fallen Angel
 Crawlspace (UK) - Ignite the Sky
 Darken (Fra) - The Silent Bleeding Of Eternity
 Delusive Grace - Demo 2002
 Harmony (Bra) - Harmony
 Havok (Ita) - Summoning The Realm of Pain
 Megiddo (Can) - The Atavism Of Evil
 Murmur - The Declaration Luciferian Of The Rebellion Of Lucifer
 Oizys - Hymns to the Furies
 Tremendum - Trinity Of Night, Day And Demise
 Vargathrone - Galgen des Leidens
Deteriorot - Manifested Apparitions of Unholy Spirits
Tragic Serenade - Sadness Roams Forever
Hell Icon - The Necrodoom Malediction
 Wolf (Mex) - Abjure split

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