Friday, 8 October 2010


Potters Field - Hypocrisy Rules and Warmind - Another Way to Find in Nuclear weapon test Smoky 2 on Nevada - Operation Plumbbob
Perversifier - Nuklear Metalkoholik Attack and Euthanausea - Fire Works!!! in Nuclear weapon test Fizeau on Nevada - Operation Plumbbob
Phenix - Sacred Fire and Eldereon - Remembrance in Hubble Telescope - Gas Pillars in the Eagle Nebula M16 Pillars of Creation in a Star-Forming Region
Amputist - Amputist and Force-Fed Razorblades - Demo 2003 in ??? 300
All Out War - Destined to Burn in John Duke of Berry - Les Très Riches Heures - Hell
Flatline (USA) - No Victory Till All are Dead in ??? 102
Rampage (USA) - Displeasures of the Flesh in Hans Holbein the Younger - A Cemetery - Danse Macabre
Ancient Wound - Ancient Wound in Alfred Rethel - Der Tod als Würger
Purgatorium (USA) - Purgatorium in Paul Gustave Doré - Their summons called
Angelus Infernus - The Reign of Angels Ablaze in Paul Gustave Doré - High on a throne of a royal state, which far
Angel Guts - Perpetual Hatred in Dirk Bouts - Hell
Mütiilation - Remains of a Ruined, Dead, Cursed Soul in Photo of a mass burial place in concentration camp Bergen-Belsen
Lord of Depression - Til Heaven Falls in Paul Gustave Doré - The Destruction of the Armies of the Ammonites and Moabites
Adversary of Existence - Lamb of Disease in ??? 147
Alignak - Tales of Madness from Beyond The Laberinth Of Hate in ??? 64
Amputated Christ - Rotting Savior in ??? 87
Rabid Captor - Last Rites in Francisco José de Goya y Lucientes - Saturn Devouring His Sons
Grand Bite - La Sombra in ??? 208
Exit-13 - ...Just a Few More Hits in ??? 253
Angeldeath - Screams From Beyond in ??? 30

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