Monday, 7 February 2011


Damned Sorrow - Faith To Death in ??? 384
Dark Ages (Ukr) - Twilight of Europe in Pieter Bruegel the Elder - The Blind Leading the Blind
Seventh Sight - Promo 2007 in Hans Holbein the Younger - A Cemetery - Danse Macabre
Perception of Darkness - The Nine Sins of Death in Priest Ralf Hard - Ghost of the House of the Queen - parts of the National Sea Museum in Greenwich
Dawnfall (Tur) - Fall of the Crown in ??? 57
Serpent Obscene - Massacre in ??? 421
Sarcazm (Swe) - Human Decadence in Salvador Dalí - Christ of St. John of the Cross
Engraved in Bone - Plagues in Arnold Böcklin - Die Pest
Hellvetic Frost - Elitism of Times Forgotten in ??? 24
Giyotin - Hapishane in Luis Royo - Labyrinth II
Ruin (Swe) - Ruin the World, Human Industry - Total Fucking Destruction in  Nuclear weapon test Fizeau on Nevada - Operation Plumbbob
Born of Sin - Let It Begin in Alfred Rudolph Waud - Rutherford church fire (New York)
Bûrzthrakal - Anguish in Theodor Severin Kittelsen - Pesta i trappen
Arcana (Swe) - Aphrael, Puissance, Penitent split in Antoine Joseph Wiertz - Young sorceress
Undefined - Saturnism Unfolds in Paul Gustave Doré - The Last Judgment
Vomitous (Gbr) - Unspoken (Nor) split in Paul Gustave Doré - Their summons called
Ancient Wisdom - Through Rivers of the Eternal Blackness in Francis Danby - The Deluge
A Thousand Years Slavery - An Eternal Three in Frank Frazetta - The Death Dealer 2
Asphyxiation (Swe) - Torched in Keith Parkinson - Lord Soth's Charge
Seven (Swe) - Break The Chains in Théodore Géricault - The Raft of the Medusa
Tenebrion - Atrum Tempestas in Paul Gustave Doré - The World Destroyed by Water

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