Monday, 28 February 2011


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Balmog - Necroangels' Revelations in William Bouguereau - The Virgin with angels
War Iron - Angelgrinder in Albrecht Dürer - The Four Avenging Angels Of Euphrates
Ákratos - Dionisios in ??? 110
Virgin Sin - Make 'em Die Slowly in Shot from film Cannibal Holocaust
Anal Thrust - Holocausto Homicida in Unknown - Vlad Tepes Old Newspaper Cutting. Story Book from Nuremberg, 1499
Alarido - Alarido in Paul Gustave Doré - Farinata
Rotten Flesh (Esp) - Holy Tears (Ego Fum Papa) in The Papist Devil, Ego sum Papa (I am the Pope). From a Reformation handbill against Pope Alexander VI
Rosa Negra - Paranoicos in Paul Gustave Doré - Dreadful was the din
Deathwitch - Violence Blasphemy Sodomy in ??? 369
Panicvm - Rotten Cvlt in Paul Gustave Doré - The Harpies' Wood
Nutr - Die In Solitude in ??? 208
Demised (Esp) - Between The Ashes & The Silence in Ted Nasmith - Across Gorgoroth
Zavorash - In Odium Veritas in ??? 408
Nychts & Mortualia - Nebelstern Des Nichts in Paul Gustave Doré - The Raven
Primitive Noise - Shake in Juan de Valdés Leal -  Finis gloria mundi
Orlac - Lament From The Grave in ??? 384
Tragic Serenade - Sadness Roams Forever in Paul Gustave Doré - The Erinnys
VA - Black Metal Agenda Volume 22 in Paul Gustave Doré - The Darkness at the Crucifixion
The Project Hate MCMXCIX - The Innocence of the Three-Faced Saviour in Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni - Pietà
Plaggha - AscensionMaleficio (Swe) - Silence in Hubble Telescope - Hubble's Sharpest View of the Orion Nebula
Sarasvatï - Sarasvatï in Duncan Long - Lake of Fire
Dark Century (USA) - Demo in P. Christian -  Histoire de la Magie
Putridity - Infatuation Of Death split, Nae'blis - Death of Mankind in Nuclear weapon test Fizeau on Nevada - Operation Plumbbob
The Prometheus Syndrome - Spring Innan Du SprängsGutalax - Telecockies in Nuclear weapon test Grable 2 on Nevada -  Operation Upshot-Knothole
Nožem na Tenk - Balkan Vernichtet Europa in Nuclear weapon test on Moruroa
Goretrade - Mistaken Conception in Soldier wearing special uniform for chemical warfare
Nazgul (Esp) - Awaiting the Battle Ravens in ??? 139
Syconaut - Burst Into Life in ??? 114
Otorium - Chefren in Photo - Dresden after bombardment in 1945
Moondark - 1993 Demo in ??? 438
Morsus - Zombie Terror -04 in Shot from film Zombie
Kurwen - Demo 2009 in ??? 311
Vulvectomy -  Putrescent Clitoral Fermentation in ??? 413
Carnivorous Vagina - Istinto Omicida in Вody of the young man from Oman (18 years)
Prorok - Eris split in ??? 318
Wolfthrone - Celtic Dance split in Peter Nicolai Arbo - Olav den Helliges død

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