Wednesday, 25 May 2011


All messages which have been made when Blogspot did not work, became new! I do not understand.
Anomaly (Ltu) - Disforic Agony, Hell Icon - Asperitas Et Auctoritas Tuae, Quae Sunt Magistris Nostris In Motu Ad Te in Zdzisław Beksiński
Rigor Mortis (Jpn) - Betrayal, Satanic Death (Nld) - Inaccessible Malversation Of The Deceased in John Duke of Berry - Les Très Riches Heures - Hell
Christian Death - Sleepless Nights, Ptarmigan - Infirmus Et Intorqueo, Sinister (Nld) - Putrefying Remains_Spiritual Immolation in Unknown (Portuguese School) - Hell
Grindmaster Dead - Stronger Than LoveXi-Void - Pandemonic in Albrecht Dürer - The Knight, Death And The Devil
Evil Entourage - Devoured By Holocaust, Negation (Mys) - 10.0 Richter Scale, Toxocara - Visceral Larval Migrans in Wilhelm Heinrich Otto Dix - Trench Warfare
Forgotten Son - Celestial DeceaseGuadaña (Mex) - Guadaña in Paul Gustave Doré - The Vision of the Valley of Dry Bones
Offbach - Offbach, Rapture Messiah - Pagans in the Fog, Sindraz - Modhar in ??? 461
Welter - Als het Licht VervaltGuardian's Nail - Guardian's Nail_Demo in Frank Frazetta - The Death Dealer
Bludgeon - Inner Hell, DLM - The Abyss, Meat Loaf - Objects in the Rear View Mirror May Appear Closer in Michael Whelan - Lovecraft's Nightmare A The original is found
Samartary - Deadly Black Hole in Luis Royo - Death Deam The original is found
Baal (Mex) - Passages To Eternity, Mortus Poetry - Enfer Noir in Luis Royo - Labyrinth II
Skald (Kor) - Amen in ??? 67
O.A. - Seven Deadly Sins, The Whisperer in Darkness - Whisperer in Darkness in Diego Rodríguez de Silva y Velázquez - The Christ on a cross
Arkha Sva - Drowning the Light split in Hans Weiditz the Younger - Der Tod und seine damonischen Helfer - Elluchasem Elimithar's Schachtafeln der Gesundheyt
Rightbrain - Pleasures of the Thrash in Captain Provand - The Lady Brown - The Ghost of Lady Doroti Taunshed
Rattlehead (Jpn) - Midnight Hunter - Regenesis of Another Dimension in ??? 389
Amphibian - Amphibian in Juan de Valdés Leal - Las Postrimerías de la Vida
Samchung - Vengeance Is Mine in Eddie Adams - Nguyen Ngoc Loan executes Viet Cong Captain Nguyen Van Lem February 1, 1968.
Samchung - Life Is So Fucking Beautiful in Killing of Jews at Ivangorod, Ukraine, 1942.
Ninesin - The Death, We Will Face in Albrecht Dürer - The Four Avenging Angels Of Euphrates
Zx Spectrum - Human Herd in Pieter Bruegel the Elder - The Blind Leading the Blind
Lucifer (Ltu) - Agony in Duncan Long - Lake of Fire
Stormthrone of Dripping Blood - Misanthropic Madness in Hieronymus Bosch - Death and the Miser
Funeral Pyre (Lux) - In Quest of Eden in Hieronymus Bosch - The Last Judgement - The central part
Azazel (Lux) - Thorns of Evil in ??? 460
Ephemeral (Mys) - En Route To Ephemeral in Zdzisław Beksiński

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