Wednesday, 15 June 2011


Brutal Faith (Ita) - Litanies of Damnation, Garden of Autumn - At the Borders of the Day, S.Pollution - In the Heart of the Night in Caspar David Friedrich - The Abbey in the Oakwood
Abiura - Nursery Rhymes for the Unborn, In Memory - IV Your Lies in ??? 20
Impaled Bitch - Primordial Blasfemus Regurgitation, Slow Death (Ita) - The Damned in Luca Signorelli - Damned in Hell - San Brizio Chapel
Embryotomy - Execution of Fallacy, Grief of Emerald - Holocaust in ??? 404
DEA - Deja que los cielos ardan, Phobic - Sick Bleamished Uncreation in Paul Gustave Doré - Nine days they fell
Focus Indulgens - The Pestilence of 1348, Sepulcral (Ita) - The Dawn of... in Michael Wolgemut - Danse Macabre (1493)
Beyond Redemption (Ita) - Christening, Malleus Maleficarum (Mex) - Malleus Maleficarum in Hans Baldung - Die Hexen
Belief (Ita) - The Lost Cause, Kynesis - Dreams Of Sickness in Sir John Everett Millais - Ophelia
Body Grinder - Morituro, Jaws of Fate - Metaphor in Francisco José de Goya y Lucientes - Saturn Devouring His Sons
Exsecrator - Vehemence of Human Displeasure in William Blake - The Blasphemer The original is found
Bestial Lust (Mex) - demo rehearsal, Sepulcrum (Ita) - Flagellation For Lucifer in Jules Michelet - La Sorcière
Knightlord - Fortunes of War in Jeff Easley - Dragon Duel The original is found
Paindeath - Katarsis in Zdzisław Beksiński
Assedium - Rise of the Warlords, Calvarium (Ita) - Pro-War Against Satan in Paul Gustave Doré - And many more too long
Ira (Ita) - Dawn of World Redemption in ??? 241
Serenade of Darkness - In Solitude Engraved in Mihály Zichy - Luciffer versus The Lord
Subhuman - Delirio n°1 in Hans Rüdi Giger -  Landscape XIX
Doomsday (Mex) - Gloria en La Batalla, Brazen Abbot - Live And Learn in Jacques-Louis David - The Intervention of the Sabine Women The original is found
Michael Whelan - Trantorian Dream The original is found
William Blake - The Great Red Dragon and the Woman Clothed with Sun The original is found
Sabazz - Your Weight in Blood and Vows in Jean Delville - The Treasures of Satan
Focus Indulgens - Under the Vaults in ??? 303

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