Friday, 24 June 2011


Morbid Angel - Altars of Madness in Dan Seagrave - Cover for Morbid Angel - Altars of Madness The original is found
Bloodboil - The Art of the Flesh, Necrotorture - Psychotic Necrophilus in ??? 287
Black Oath - Portrait of the Dead, Deathrow (Ita) - Void, Vesper - Murk split in ??? 483
Souls in Apocalypse - Rust Of Morality, Valkiria (Ita) - Blood on Blood in Luis Royo - Labyrinth II
Dragonhammer - Age Of Glory, Wizards' Hymn - Wings Of Time in ??? 384
Deliriä - DeliriäTony Tears - Voci dal Passato in Johann Heinrich Füssli - Das Schweigen
Deteriors - Deteriors, Orthodox (Ita) - Deadly Obsession in Wilhelm Heinrich Otto Dix - Trench Warfare
The 4th Mirror - Waiting For LifeDusk - Dusk in Caspar David Friedrich - The Abbey in the Oakwood
Landguard - The Manuscript of Helgvar, The Prowlers - Demo Cd in Luis Royo - Wings of Reflection
Awakening (USA) - demo, Focus Indulgens - The Past in Matthias Grünewald -  Isenheim Altarpiece (third view) - Temptation of Saint Anthony
VA - Atormentando Almas Con El Susurro Del Infierno - Compilado Black Metal, Dismal (Ita) - Our Sad Saga in Giotto di Bondone - Last Judgment scene, Cappella Scrovegni a Padova -  detail - Hell The original is found
Beholder (Ita) - Between Death And Glory chapter 2, Dagorlad (Ita) - The Shadow Grace in Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres - Ossian's Dream
Dark Lord - The Metal Years - 1982-1985, Drop of Madness - Victim of Fate in Luis Royo -  Memory in White
Unscriptural - Satan's Way in Keith Parkinson - Orcus Rising The original is found
Thy Dominion - The Great Death in Keith Parkinson - Flying Citadel The original is found
Warchild (Ita) - Theater of Pain in Jeff Easley - The Lich The original is found
Azathoth (Ita) - Azathoth, Criminal Hate - Black Forest Of Pain in ??? 32
Lilyum - Ultimatum, Remains (Tur) - Mortal World in Hans Memling - Earthly Vanity and Divine Salvation - Triptych - Hell
Amnèsia (Ita) - Night Warriors in Keith Parkinson - Temple of Elemental Evil The original is found
Guardiani di Frontiera - Guardiani Di Frontiera in Ciruelo Cabral - Dark Dsurion The original is found
Jeff Easley - Eye of the Beholder The original is found
Michael Whelan - Dragon Fire The original is found

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