Tuesday, 12 July 2011


Kreator - Coma of Souls in Hieronymus Bosch - The Last Judgement - The central part
Delirio - Another Life, Demise (Nzl) - Demise in Hans Rüdi Giger - Li II
Banazvaty - The Innermost Secret Of Lust, Battery (Hun) - Megkínzott in Luis Royo - White Angel
Mortality (Idn) - Satanic wars, Peiniger - Megaevil in Boris Vallejo - Demon's Hands
Nemesis (Grc) - Against the Past, Nemesis (Grc) - Lost Humanity, Martyrium (Ita) - Demo '94, Conspiracy A.D. - The Day Of Burning Souls in Luca Signorelli - Damned in Hell - San Brizio Chapel

Pest (Deu) - Tenebris Obortis in The Chachapoyas Mummy
Act of Rage - An act of rage, Act of Worship - Invasion in A LCVP (Landing Craft,Vehicle, Personnel) from the U.S. Coast Guard-manned USS Samuel Chase disembarks troops of the U.S.Army's First Division on the morning of 06.06.1944 D-Day at Omaha Beach
Black Fever - Lacrimae, Final Cry - Spellcast in Sir John Everett Millais - Ophelia
Chrome Rt. - Hova szállnak a repülõk - promoMorbiddust - War Are Forever, Orghia - The Dusk, Primal Fear - Nuclear Fire, Rajam - Burning Antarctica, Tremor (Hun) - Thrashtamentum, Polaris (Deu) - Global Warming in Nuclear weapon test The XX-34 Badger on Nevada -  Operation Upshot-Knothole
Eden Beast (Ita) - Invocatio Mortis, Purgatory (Deu) - Polymorph split in Luis Royo - Howls of Silence
Deadly Dark - Within The Mind, Fatal Embrace (Deu) - The Way to Immortality in Boris Vallejo - Dryads
Bloodsin - Jezus Burns in Hell, Inferno (Hun) - Harc Az Életért in Salvador Dalí - Christ of St. John of the Cross
Adragard - Sadistic Delirium Manifest, Nefasta Dies - Obscure and Grim Air in Amos Nattini - Dante's Inferno The original is found

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