Thursday, 7 July 2011

Public hanging Soviet partisans 26.10.1941 in Minsk.

Public hanging Soviet partisans 26.10.1941 in Minsk. Traitor Boris Rudzjanko has given out to fascists three person: Masha Bruskina (17 years), Volodia Shcherbatsevich (16 years), Kiril Trus (World War I veteran). They have been hung up on an arch of a barmy factory in Minsk. Execution was made by volunteers of 2-nd battalion of police auxiliary service from Lithuania. Before being hanged, she was paraded through the streets with a plaque around her neck which read, in both German and Russian: "We are partisans and have shot at German troops". Many photos of this execution have been made. All of them have been used as proofs on the Nuremberg process. On May, 16th, 1951 traitor Boris Mihajlovich Rudzjanko (1913 of a birth, the native of settlement Toven of area Orshanskogo of Vitebsk area, the Byelorussian) has been condemned for change to the Native land to the maximum measure of punishment — to execution by shooting.
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