Wednesday, 17 August 2011


Carl von Steuben - Charles Martel in the Battle of Tours The original is found
P. Ivanowics - Germans Defend Their Land from the Romans The original is found
J.H.Valda Valda - Dawn Raiders The original is found
Boris Olshansky - Oath of Svarozich The original is found
Alphonse-Marie-Adolphe de Neuville - Norse Boats Besieging Paris, from L'Histoire De France Racontee a Mes Petits-Enfants The original is found
Nicholas Pavloff - Redwoods and light shafts. Redwood Park, Oakland, Calif. 1994 The original is found
Tom Lovell - Norse Marauders Wreak Mayhem The original is found
William Henry Fox Talbot - An oak tree in winter, c.1842-43 The original is found
Amanita - Warrior's Cry, Crack Up - Blood Is Life in Dmitri Baltermants - The grief. From the series That's how it was.... Kerch
Anger (Deu) - JudasDecayin' - Battlefield Earth, Through Devastation - Bridges Built in Ruins, Traitor (Deu) - Nuclear Combat, Terrorazor - Noise Alliance in Nuclear weapon test The XX-34 Badger on Nevada -  Operation Upshot-Knothole
Senistro - Truth I Will Find, Svart (Deu) - Devil Songs in ??? 397
Mechanix (Hun) - Underground fenevad, Steel Tormentor (Deu) - Fallen Angel in Boris Vallejo - Full Moon
Carnivore Mind - Hemocromatosis Genital, Psychotic Sufferance, Cacasonica split - Tiempos De Horror 2, Dark Age (Deu) - The Fall, Goryfication - Apocalypse  in Nuclear weapon test on Moruroa
Infernal Atavism - Pray for low price god, Kältetod - Reue in Paul Gustave Doré - Enigma
Revolt (Deu) - Exit Life, Reborn in Hell, Transgressor (Jpn) - Ether For Scapegoat in Hans Memling - The Last Judgment - Triptych - The right part
Defloration - Defloration, Malformed (Mex) - Enslaved By Blood in German Dead at Verdun
Defection (Deu) - Threefold-Steamrolled-Thrashold, Like Thousand Suns - Like Thousand Suns, The End (Deu) - Demo 2005 in Nuclear weapon test Smoky 2 on Nevada - Operation Plumbbob
Atropos (Deu) - Path of Fire, Declamatory - Trimmed Tributary, Zsarnok - Világégés in Nuclear weapon test Romeo (yield 11 Mt) on Bikini Atoll - Operation Castle
Total War (Deu) - Nuke, X-Vandals - Erosion of our Liberty in Nuclear weapon test Fizeau on Nevada - Operation Plumbbob
Black Silver - Black Silver, Legacy (Deu) - As Skies Grow Darker in ??? 381
Epidemic (Grc) - Industrial, Terrorazor - Stairway to Heaven in Maurits Cornelis Escher - Relativity
Corporal Punishment (Deu) - Nonconformism, Extorian - Truth & Silky Rags of Cant, Despise (Grc) - State of Brutality in Hieronymus Bosch - The Last Judgement - The central part
Bitterness (Deu) - ...And Death marches on, I.N.R.I. (Mex) - Blood Army, Sigma Draconis - Vae Victis - It will end in blood in Atomic bombing of Nagasaki on August 9, 1945.
R.U. Dead - Nothing Will Be Forgiven, Serpent Smile - The Fall of Mankind in Dirk Bouts - Hell

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