Monday, 12 September 2011


Sick Pop Parasite - Damnation of Greed in ??? 405
Sidewinder (Jpn) - B.E.W.M in Frank Frazetta - The Death Dealer
Jesus Save - Demo in Andrea Mantegna - The Lamentation over the Dead Christ
Clotted Symmetric Sexual Organ - Grind Rock 2000!! in ??? 284
Maggoty Corpse - Baptisma in John Duke of Berry - Les Très Riches Heures - Hell
Valas - Escape Into A Dream in William-Adolphe Bouguereau - Nymphs and Satyr
Nuclear Simphony - Choir of the Desperation in Rudolf Hausner - Arka Odyseusza
Orthodox (Ita) - Psycho Human in Hans Rüdi Giger - Mirror
Perfidy Biblical - Viscid Seism of Aberrant in Francis Danby - The Deluge
Phobic - Over Turn The Cross in Diego Rodríguez de Silva y Velázquez - The Christ on a cross
Genital Grinder (Ita) - Promo 2002 in ??? 297
Hangman Scream - Buried Souls in Zdzisław Beksiński
Heretical - De Occulta Philosophia in ??? 401
Hideweaver - Wash My Tears Away in Hieronymus Bosch - The Temptation of Saint Anthony - The central part
Baphomet's Blood - Satanic Commando in Leo Taxil - Baphomet at a Freemason session
Bastard Saints - Hanged for a Blessed Masturbation in ??? 386
Homicide (Ita) - Retaliation Fall in Hans Rüdi Giger - Cataract
Shadow Vexillum - Tales in Ted Nasmith - By Moonlight in Neldoreth
Iced Night - ...Oppressive Feelings... in Zdzisław Beksiński
Black Flame - Orgiastic Funeral in Nils Blommér - Ängsälvor
Blackthorn (Mex) - Dawn of Immortality in Hans Rüdi Giger - The Spell IV
Butcher ABC - Butchered Feast of Being in Nicolas le Rouge - Infernal punishment for the Seven Deadly Sins -  the greedy are put into cauldrons of boiling oil
Black Wings (Ita) - Live & Loud in Paul Gustave Doré - Towards the coast of Earth beneath
Blooddawn (Ita) - Quod Me Nutrit Vos Distruit in ??? 52
Carnally Decimated - Frenzied Dismemberment in ??? 427
Cervix - Teach Children to Worship Sludge in ??? 312
Black Pyramid - Tenspeed Warlock split - Suffering is the Inheritance of Man in Hans Lützelburger - The Abbot from the Dance of Death by Hans Holbein the Younger
Juglans Regia - Il Sogno in Hieronymus Bosch - The Cure of Folly (Extraction of the Stone of Madness)
Bowel Stew - Infernal Mass Grave in Photo of a mass burial place in concentration camp Bergen-Belsen
Imposer - War Throne in Luca Signorelli - Damned in Hell - San Brizio Chapel
Soul Grind - Lacerans in Hans Rüdi Giger - Debbie III
Soulless (Ita) - Promo Tape 94 in ??? 348
Steel Cage - Visions of Dark Millennium in Hans Rüdi Giger - The Spell II
Stonewall - Eyes Of Fire in Ken W. Kelly -  Death's End
Cold Moon (Ita) - Winds of Funeral split in Simon Marsden - Whitby Abbey, Yorkshire, England
Stormcrow (Ita) - Hell on Earth in Pieter Bruegel the Elder - Triumph of death
Suppurated - The Smelly Defleshment in Вody of the young man from Oman (18 years)

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