Thursday, 6 October 2011


Self-Destruction - Ember in Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci - Studies of Embryos
Wall of Sleep - ...And Hell Followed With Him in Paul Gustave Doré - The Darkness at the Crucifixion
After Dusk - The Witch's Pact in Hans Baldung - Die Hexen
Angelo Perlepes' Mystery - Fatal Passion in Artemisia Gentileschi - Judith Slaying Holofernes
Arkenstone (Grc) - Whispers Of Fire (Demo 2000) in Luis Royo - Memory in White
Atavism (Grc) - Gored to Death in ??? 494
Atavism (Grc) - Craving for Flesh in ??? 287
Judaswiege - Aus Spaß, weil es Spaß macht in Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold The original is found
Black Winter (Grc) - Dismal Fields of Nihilism in ??? 347
Helldiver (Grc) - Against the Curse in Salvador Dali - The Temptation of Saint Anthony
Savaoth - Murk Of Erebus in Michael Whelan - Apotheosis of War
Selefice - Where Is the Heaven in Caspar David Friedrich - The Cross in the Mountains
Horrified (Grc) - Eternal God in Martin Schongauer - The Tribulations of St. Antony
Septicemia (Grc) - Sabbath ConventionsTåkeheim - Fiend in ??? 217
Kerveros - Demo '95 in Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres - Ossian's Dream
King of Souls - Give Me Your Soul in Jeff Easley - Eye of the Beholder
Strigoi (Grc) - Legions of Darkness in ??? 133
Mortem Examination - Beyond the Gate of Holiness in Paul Gustave Doré - Nor more; but fled
Obsecration - Mourning of the Ghoul in Les Edwards - The Ghoul
Embalmed (Grc) - Scattering The Ashes Of War in Tom Lovell - Norse Marauders Wreak Mayhem
Eternity (Grc) - The Dagger in Mystification. It is a fake of a photo of spirit. This 3-D image has circulated on the internet around the world.
Fearer - No Compromise in ??? 443
Fearer - Confession To Hate in Matthias Grünewald - Isenheim Altarpiece
Prophecy (Fra) - Jadis in François Gérard - Ossian Awakening the Spirits on the Banks of the Lora with the Sound of his Harp
Fenriswolf - The Delicious Smell in Francisco José de Goya y Lucientes - Saturn Devouring His Sons
Rabensumpf - Auf der Suche nach dem alten Weg in ??? 208
Raksasas - In Memory Of_Raksasas in ??? 382
Pissed Cunt - In The Name Of Me in ??? 271
Misanthropic Winter - Gritos in ??? 365

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