Thursday, 27 October 2011


Clyde Caldwell - Flight from Darken Wood The original is found
Wes Benscoter - Midnight Mass The original is found
Ayne Bru - The Martyrdom of Saint Cucuphas The original is found
Georg Sluyterman von Langeweyde - Sieg oder Unsieg ruht in Gottes Hand, der Ehre sind wir selber Herr und König The original is found
Michael Maier - Atalanta fugiens - Emblema L The original is found
Sandro Botticelli - Illustration for Dante's Inferno The original is found
Taddeo di Bartolo - The Last Judgement - detail of the Leviathan, San Gimignano, Collegiata The original is found
William M. Van der Weyde - An African-American prisoner is prepared for execution in Old Sparky, Sing-Sing Prison's infamous electric chair, ca. 1900 The original is found
Photo from Death Scenes A Homicide Detective's Scrapbook The original is found
Alexander Mair - Memento Mori - 1605 The original is found
Self-Inflicted Violence - Fell to the Veil of Darkness and Extinction, Alrakis - Omega Cen in Hubble Telescope - A Perfect Storm of Turbulent Gases in the OmegaSwan Nebula M17
Jakob Friedrich Kleinknecht - Sonaten op. 1 - New Classical Adventure, Mohammad Nouri - Paeez - Persian Music, VA - Ozanlar - Uzun İnce Bir Yol, VA - Soundi 2000 in ??? 591
Apocalypse Command - Abyss Fiend of Darkness in Albrecht Dürer - The Knight, Death And The Devil
Aeternitas (Deu) - Requiem in Hieronymus Bosch - Visions of the Hereafter - Polyptych - Hell
Anasarca - Godmachine in Peter Paul Rubens - Saturn Devouring His Son
Ravenfrost - Schatten Der Vergänglichkeit in ??? 194
Ravenholm - Zeitgeist in P. Ivanowics - Germans Defend Their Land from the Romans
Razor's Edge (Deu) - Gate into Another World in Boris Vallejo - Touches
Nydvind - Bornholm split in John Martin - The Great Day of His Wrath
Reign in Blood - Diabolical Katharsis in John Haynes - Death on a Pale Horse
Rohbau - Zorn in Paul Gustave Doré - The Death of Abel
Grave Digger - Masterpieces in Alfred Rethel - Der Tod als Würger
Aschera - Sacrosanctus in Albrecht Dürer - St Michaels Fight Against The Dragon
Asgaia - Yersinia in Hans Memling - The Last Judgment - Triptych - The central part
Gotthard - Gotthard in Full length negatives of the Shroud of Turin
Reverence - Wolok, Sons Of Fenris split - Anti-Life Terror, Lodur - Condemnation in ??? 584
Sagittarius (Deu) - Dreams and Dust, Dementia (Deu) - Abiosis in Paul Gustave Doré - The Raven
Sauron - Another WorldDarkstar - Heart of Darkness in Hubble Telescope - Hubble's Sharpest View of the Orion Nebula
Warhead - Intervening, The True Beltron - Aflame the Candles in P. Christian - La Danse Du Sabbat - From Histoire de la Magie
Golden Dawn - A Solemn DayMisanthropic Winter - Zéfiros in ??? 206

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