Thursday, 22 December 2011


The originals is found:
The Сriminal Mind, 1890, Buenos Aires
Victim of Otto Steven Wilson  - Virginia Lee Griffin, age 25
Craig Morey - B&W Nude art photo - Natalie 81093.09
Dennis Báthory-Kitsz - Elizabeth Báthory's black death tower triumphs against the daylight.
The Lord of the Rings Movie Wallpaper
Boris Vallejo - Snake Women
Paul Gustave Doré - Castle On The Isle Of Skye

Blind Guardian - A Night at Salonika in Ted Nasmith - Morgoth and the High King of Noldor
Blind Guardian - Twilight World from Wuppertal in Keith Parkinson - Lord Soth's Charge
Blind Guardian - The Fall of Firenze in John Howe - The Fall of Gondolin
Morrigan (Deu) - The Damned in Nicolas le Rouge - Infernal punishment for the Seven Deadly Sins -  the greedy are put into cauldrons of boiling oil
Blind Guardian - Hannover 2006, Conquest - Endless Power in Ciruelo Cabral - Draco Rex
Totenmond - Thronräuber in Paul Gustave Doré - They heard,and were abashed
Megatherion (Deu) - Voices of the Human Decay in ??? 556
The Tossers - The Valley Of The Shadow Of Death in Rosso Fiorentino - Macabre Allegory
Mortality - Dr. Schnabel in Paul Fürst  - Doktor Schnabel von Rom (Doctor Beak from Rome) engraving, Rome 1656 Physician attire for protection from the Bubonic plague or Black death
Depravity - Empire of Death in Adolf Hering - Der Tod und das Mädchen
Despair - Surviving You Always in Vasily Vasilyevich Vereshchagin - The Apotheosis of War
Mountain Throne - Procession split in Caspar David Friedrich - The Tree of Crows
My Darkest Hate - Blood Pounding Black in Paul Gustave Doré - Sower of Discord
StarGazer - A Great Work Of Ages, Caul – Heaven's In The Ground, Deathcycle - Deathcycle in ??? 342
Nocturnal (Deu) - Havoc Tales, Coil - Wrong Eye_Scope in Louis Breton - Buer
Fedra - Tombstone My Name, Kringa - Conjuring the Death of Creation in P. Christian - La Danse Du Sabbat - From Histoire de la Magie
DPOS!!! - 30 Beautiful Pieces by Ludwig Van Beethoven, Beethoven R. - Ja, Ja in Joseph Karl Stieler - Portrait Ludwig van Beethoven when composing the Missa Solemnis
Edge of Sanity - The Dead, Catacomb - The Lurker at the Threshold in Hans Rudi Giger - Poltergeist II - The Great Beast P13
Nameless Dead - Manufacturing The World's End, Agalarieth - Dark Path Begins in ??? 483
Witchcorpse - Total Holocaust, Dhul Karnain - Destructor in Daniel Kvasznicza (I-NetGraFX) - Environment - Post-Apocalypse
Cellador - Honor ForthInhibitions - ΠΕΝΘΟΣ in ??? 398

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