Monday, 26 March 2012

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found the original:
Eric Knight Holbrook - Wallpaper
Max Hardcore and Catalina
The bombardment by American aircraft the Japanese port of Kobe
Alan Lee - The Phooka page from Brian Froud's books Faeries
The artist is unknown, this is L'Amour de Pierrot french postcard of 1905
Michał Bylina - Drużyna Bolesława Chrobrego Nad Bałtykiem
Gary Gianni - The Dark Horse Book of Witchcraft
Caspar David Friedrich - The morning
Ciruelo Cabral - Mago
Wallpapers of game Dead Rising

I finished the installation of a watermark. Now all the originals have watermarks.
Once again - This is not a pirate blog. Each work has its own creator. I correspond with many artists, and they allowed me to publish the originals. To not use the originals then I put watermarks.

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