Monday, 14 January 2013

Philip Straub (Philipstraub) - Reckoning Day

Philip Straub (Philipstraub) - Reckoning Day

Genocidio - Desafio Final
 Corvathra - The Reckoning
 Bitterness - Genociety
 Hellrider - The Face Of Death


  1. This site is bullshit, we did not make that cover, we do "not" have an album called The Reckoning. This should be removed immediately. We have no association with this artwork, THIS IS SLANDER. Please remove us from this false collection.

  2. This artwork is not anything that we are affiliated with, we did not make, display, publish, or endorse this in any way shape or form. We have never had an album called "the reckoning", Please remove this slanderous material, and our name from this website. Than You

  3. First: You must not swear. Introduce yourself. For such disputes have mail. But if you decide to discuss it here and figure out talk here.

    Second: Are you sure we are talking about your group? There are so many groups with the same name. Please provide proof that you are a group.

    Third: There is a link to a photo of this artwork. Cover is a box. See for yourself.

    I'll wait for your calm and intelligible answer.