Tuesday, 10 August 2010

John Duke of Berry - Les Très Riches Heures - Hell

John, Duke of Berry - Les Très Riches Heures - Hell

A.B.M.S. 696 - Armagedda 696 - Promo
Cianide - A Descent into Hell
Beastcraft - Satanisk Norsk Black Metal
Coven Curse - Hard Eternal Death
Damien - The First Omen
Death Dies - Rebirth of Evil One
Evil Mayhem - Evil Never Die
Necropsy - Demigod - Split
Famulus ab Satanas - Sacred Assembly Beneath Unholy Secrecy
Ilvar - Dedicated To Infernal Demons
Infernäl Mäjesty - Unholier Than Thou
Midgard - A New Aeon in Black
Merciless Death - Holocaust
Morbid Simphony - From the Darkness to the Triumph

Nihilism - Satanic Anarchy

All Out War - Destined to Burn
Rutah - Welcome to the End of Days
Soli Diaboli Gloria - Soli Diaboli Gloria
Rigor Mortis - Betrayal
Satanic Death - Inaccessible Malversation Of The Deceased 
Maggoty Corpse - Baptisma

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