Thursday, 12 August 2010

Martin Schongauer - The Tribulations of St. Antony

Martin Schongauer - The Tribulations of St. Antony

Anathema - An illiad of woes
Darkness Enshroud - Winter Of Sorrow
Christian Epidemic - A Thought Creating God
Dismal - Demo I
Fantom - Lucifer jelenj meg !
Necromancer - Serpent Hordes - Split - Satan Rules Supreme!!

Necromancy - Satan Crush Useless God!
Nashehrhum - Black Ritual Of Hearts Asportation
Cirith Gorgor - Mor Dagor - Split - Demonic Incarnation/Memento Mori
Maleficentia - Revelation From The Ancestral Whisper
Necrophilisma - Unmask Death (Servants of the Damned)
Usurper - Visions From The Gods
The True Dark Lord - Infernal Black Metal
Veadtuck - Deathenchanting Verses
Wehrhammer - Eroberung durch Finsternis

Prophet - Beware the Temptation of Satan
Haxan - Carriers of Grief
Hazarax - Altered Faith Disorder
Blessed Sickness - Blessed Sickness
Virgin Steele - The Black Light Bacchanalia
 Caustic Butchery - Offerings to the Overseer
 Chronic Black - Something for the Sick
Malignant - 1997 Demo
Meat-Bird - Personae Non Gratae
 David Neil Cline - A Fit Of Rage
Eric Friesen - Friesen Hell
 Demonomacy - Demo 1
Stonecrash - Vol. 1
Dekadent - Black Love
Vrykolakas - Demo 1992
Horrified - Eternal God

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  1. Thanks for this post ! i'm searching for the 1st Nashehrhum Demo then i see up.
    Can you share it ? I desesper to find this from some years
    Their album "Rembember The Shining Moons Of The Black Autumns" is an cold fuild of hate and infinity sounds like the quiet space I hope to heard their 1st piece.