Monday, 16 August 2010

Albrecht Dürer - The Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse

Albrecht Dürer - The Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse

Ad Noctem Funeriis - Apocalyptic Vision of Death
All Out War - Hymns of the Apocalypse
Agony - Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust
Altars - Krieg
Ancient Wargod - Arrival of the Dark Lords
Balrog - On The Throne Of Demolition
Black Empire - Kratornas, Nakkiga, Xerión - Split - Four Concentric Ways of the Ancient Cult
Barastir - The Hate Legion
Dread Moon - Vagrant the Noachian - Split
Eternal Mystery - Behold, a Pale Horse...

Ethernal - Grim Ethernity
Front Beast - Once Sent From Darkness
Feuersturm - Apokalypse
Funcunt - Coldeäccol
Ghoast - The Old Legion
Gholgoth - Witchcraft - Split - Revelations Through the Veil of Oblivion
Hell Icon - Dies Irae

GoldenPyre - Apocryphal
Ignis Nocturnum - Apocalipsys
Incubatory Decomposition - Crash Of World Illusions
Lamentu - Erva Tinta + Aggrissu
Luziferion - Apocalyptic Visions
Liturgia - Sanctum Regnum
Martyrdom - Pagan's Hymn
Moontower - Aryan Metal Terror
Moontower - Black Metal Terror
Nevergreen - Amok

Mortuorum - Genesis Of Destruction
Nodens - Army Darkestra
Raven Black Night - Return Of The Metal Martyrs
Reacción - 121176
Torturer - Los Ultimos Tiempos
Ritual - En La Sombra Del Valle De La Muerte
Unholy Inquisition - Devil's Disciples
Thalidomide - Death... Starvation... Plague and War
Sowbelly - Maegashira, OSSM - Split
 Chapter XII - Last Thoughts of we Who are About to Die
Neurasthenia - Sick, Twisted Drone
 Dethroned - In the Sign of Four
 Earthride - Earthride
Weltmacht - The Call to Battle
Def - Fire In The Sky
Nattefall - Ode to the Nightsky
 Vetrarnòtt - Vetrarnòtt
 Zymotic Disease - Apocolyptic Hate Anthem
Tod - Blut - Split - Holocaust Doom Assault
 Weary of Empires - Surging Towards the Heavens
Winternight - Pestilenz

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