Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Boris Vallejo - Demon's Hands

Boris Vallejo - Demon's Hands

Abazagorath - The Spirit of Hate for Mankind

Brilien - Ïáblùv novic

Goat Evil - Under the Power of Sadist

Chaos Domain - Chaos Domain

Legion - Enthrone the Night

Lilith - History of Death

Lilith's Mortuary - Fetus in Morte

Prosatanos - Sounds of War
Lost Wisdom - Nihil

Sathanas - Blood of Christ
Sithlord - The Return to Godless Times
Stenay - Stenay

Unholy Morgoth - Malediction

Terror - Chrám v podsvětí

Unkind Beast - Praying To The Infernal Majesty

Vanadium - The Damage Done
Mortandad - Antropophagia
Mortality - Satanic wars
 Peiniger - Megaevil

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