Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Daniel Kvasznicza (I-NetGraFX) - Environment - Post-Apocalypse

Daniel Kvasznicza (I-NetGraFX) - Environment - Post-Apocalypse
Zerofour - The Desert of Reality

The Crying of Angels - At the Gates of Armageddon

Smouldering in Forgotten - The Bonfire of the Apocalypse

Heaps of Dead - Horror of the Hopeless Sufferer

Dystopia (Nld) - This Means War

Decrepidemic - The Void of Un-Existence

Besthial - Careful What You Wish...

Anima Infernalis - Walk In The Perdition Of A Lost World

Revenant Falls - Haunted Aeons
Atresia - Ordo Seclorum
Sarcoma (USA) - War Machine
Bloodkitt - Leave All Kingdoms In Waste
Khelos - 6lood 6ath and 6eyond
 Broken Flesh - Forever in Flames
Lycanthrope (USA) - Tales of the Apocalypse
Engraved (USA) - Waking of Hates Dawn
Nurgoor - Genesis
 Enchantment (Esp) - Seven
Sepulchre - I
Stillborn (Srb) - The Essence of Apocalypse
Pantheon - Führersland
Stygian Sun - Our Determined Extincition
 Thanatos (Nld) - Justified Genocide
InnerWish - No Turning Back
 Reality Grey - Day Zero
 Warknife - Dream of Desolation
 Warknife - Warknife
Witchcorpse - Total Holocaust
 Dhul Karnain - Destructor


  1. The original art has a name
    Environment: Post Apocalypse by I-NetGraFX
    info here: