Wednesday, 22 September 2010

??? 268

VA - In Conspiracy with Satan - A Tribute to Bathory

Ophthalamia_Abruptum - split

Countess - The Wrath of Satan's Whore

Equimanthorn (Nld) - Clouds of Death


  1. I found some info about the original of these covers. Check this out: Portrait of Elizabeth Bathory

  2. And who's the author? Document without the author I do not use. If this is not the "Unknown / Anonymous." We need accurate information)

  3. There's no such information about the author of the original painted portrait or even the copy. Both remain unknown.
    Here's another copy: Another Elizabeth Bathory portrait

  4. Yes. I see her portrait.
    I do not ispolshzuyu that until I find the original author. On the Internet there is no information at all