Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Caspar David Friedrich - Monastery Graveyard in the Snow

Caspar David Friedrich - Monastery Graveyard in the Snow

Warchild (Cze) - Krvavá cesta

Torrent (Bel) - Triumph Of Death

Stigmata (Pol) - Opus Luciferi

Soturna - Message Of Shadows

Severance (USA) - 2009 - Progression Towards Purgatory

Rexor (Ita) - Infernum Dominium

Regnum - Schwertes Kälte

Redeemer (UK) - Sorg

Ravishing - Bride in Shrouds

Peste Noire - Mémoire Païenne

Ominous Force - As the Fog Rolls in for the Slaughter

Nokturnal Summoner - Isolated World
Mythic - Mourning In The Winter Solstice
Mystifier - Profanus
Musica Eternal - De Tenebrae
Morda - Eighty-Six
Manes - Til Kongens Grav De Døde Vandrer
Invading Chapel - Cursed by System
Insanul Maut - Dusk to Dawn
Hellvetic Frost - Vergeltungsschlag
Grimfaug - Rex Draconis
Gothica 2000 - Night Thoughts
Goddefied - Abysmal Grief
Gehenna - The Shadows Of The Pagan Evil
Funebre (Chl) - Beholding the Covenant Stone
Eternal Oath (Sgp) - The End
Divina Enema - At The Conclave
Disguise - Impetus Mali Mors Fidei
Deluge of Djinn - Militaristic Impalement EP
Dark Ages (Bel) - Lux Mortis
Crimson Shroud - The Human Holocaust
Castrum (Ukr) - Burial of the Affection+ DVD
Bog Morok 2004 - Azoic
Belial War - Belial War
Behelmod - Magus Mors Mortis
Atras Cineris - The Coming Of Chaos (The Final Decay)
Alchemy (Bra) - Vertigo
Abhorrent (Nor) - Occultus Brujeria

Bane of Existence - Denounced
Shadow of the Destroyer - Funeral Dust
Lugburz (USA) - Forgotten Empire of Desolation
Unburied (USA) - Welcome to your Graveyard
 Tolath - Of Black Earth And Shadows
Winter of Vehemence - Obscurus Laetita
 Beansidhe - De Mortis Eloquentia
 Gorement - Into Shadows
Twilight (Fin) - Twilight
 Crienium - Farland
Soul Takers - Through the Silence of Words
Doomas - Lost Angels
Hornad - Demo 2010
 Citizens Arrest - A Light In The Darkness
Ritual (Per) - Flames of Blood
Doomsday (Hun) - Koporsó
 Rest in Darkness - Abyss of Death
Funeral Spirits - Intestacy
 Witcher - Úttalan utakon
Black Destiny - Silence Breath II
 Legion (Deu) - Dawn of the Cursed Seed
Descartar - Demo '08
Anno Mundi - Cloister Graveyard in the Snow
 Neimes - Demo
RanestRane - Nosferatu Il Vampiro
 Rangifer - Чёрные Озёра - Split - Растаптывая Чужую Веру
Megaptera - Near Death
 Megaptera - You Will Recover


  1. Amazing! Also Convulse - World Without God LP, and Citizen's Arrest - A Light in the Darkness EP.

  2. Dark Funeral's The Secret Of The Black Arts from another angle.

  3. No. This is based on the original.

  4. Hello, I'm the ANNO MUNDI's drummer.
    Great blog, terrific.
    There is another italian bands that put the Monastery Graveyard in the Snow picture on the cover:
    RanestRane – "Nosferatu Il Vampiro(A rock opera)", 2009.


  5. Hi.
    Thank you very much :)
    Very pleased that the member of the group wrote.

  6. I cannot help but be amused that all the artwork for these albums are the same.

  7. Were Citizen's Arrest the first to use this painting? I think their ep came out in 1989 maybe.....

  8. lol, 66 entries, do we have a winner? :D