Monday, 20 September 2010

Paul Gustave Doré - Their summons called

Paul Gustave Doré - Their summons called
VA - Black Battle Corps I

Unsilent (Chl) - The Return of Sin

Tugurios - Tiempos de Hecatombe

Thy Primordial - Under Iskall Trollmåne

Thou Supreme Art - Sons Of Ayperos

Stench of Styx - The Serpent Aeon

Posmrtna Liturgija - Vama Marg

Obscurum (US) - In Twilight to the Storms

Norse - Hellstorm

Krypt - I Am God

Inferno - Fucking Funeral Attack 1997-2004

In Hell (Mex) - Dark TImes (Demo) + еp

Hortor - By the sword of the almighty emperor

Halfirien - The Black March

Evil Mayhem - The Return of the Evil Warriors

Erebus Enthroned - Divine Legions of Satan

Emperor - Anthems to the Welkin at Dusk

Dominion (Col) - Blasphemous Invocation

Darkest Hate - Unholy Devastation

Brente Engler - Verden med Ende

Angel of Anger - Angel of Anger

Aequinoctium - Ame Dansante

Action (Cze) - Can Evil Be Beautiful

Abdicate - Relinquish the Throne

Odem - Rape Your God And Pray For Reprieve

Purgatorium (USA) - Purgatorium
Dolmen (USA) - On the Eve of War
Last Hours of Torment - Downfall of Man
 Impacto Profano - Lucifer
Vomitous (Gbr) - Unspoken (Nor) split
Abyss of Pain - ... and Pain Grows Stronger
 Nargis - Triumph des Zorns
 World to Ashes - Of What There is to Come

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