Monday, 6 September 2010

Simon Marsden - Whitby Abbey, Yorkshire, England

Simon Marsden - Whitby Abbey, Yorkshire, England
Usurper (US) - Diabolosis

Triumph of Dawn - Through Stormy Waves of Apocalypse

SepticFlesh - Temple of the Lost Race

Satacass - Taedium Vitae
Ruins (Fra) - Ruins
Revelation (US) - ...Yet So Far
Petromyzon - Bone Church
Hecate Enthroned - Upon Promeathean Shores
Frostmoon Eclipse (Ita) - Cold Silvery Eye
Destinity - Supreme Domination's Art
Darkness (Nor) - Fortidens Skugge
Black Thorns - Beneath the Haunted Moon

Borgo Pass - Borgo Pass
Stonecreep - The Deathmarch Crushes On
Lycanthropy (USA) - Amduscias
Engel - Donde Nacen Los Sueños
Corrupted Melody - Forsaken Ravens
Cold Moon (Ita) - Winds of Funeral split

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