Thursday, 10 March 2011

Euronymous - Per Yngve Ohlin "Dead"'s photo

Per Yngve Ohlin 'Dead'. On 8 April 1991, Ohlin was found dead, leaving a suicide note which included an apology for having shot a firearm indoors and which ended with: "Excuse all the blood." He was later found by Euronymous with his wrists cut and a shotgun round to the head. A photograph of his corpse shortly after the suicide was featured on the bootleg album "Dawn of the Black Hearts".
Mayhem (Nor) - Dawn of the Black Hearts
Sår - The War Manifesto


  1. A good message about suicide picture. Please don't share anymore that sad picture for respect of his family and friends. Only a good message about his memory. That picture should be disappear from the net. Put Like if you're agree with me and if you'll do that. Thanx

  2. I do not distribute photographs and paintings. To do this, I do watermarks. It is very difficult to find a larger image.