Friday, 2 December 2011

Jack Smith - Maxine Sanders, January 1966

Jack Smith - Maxine Sanders, January 1966. This picture was taken in a coven.
Participants: Maxine Sanders, Alex Sanders, Paul King, Jean Stevens, and other unnamed members of the coven.
 A Show for the Ghosts - Live at Central State Sick Hospital
 Alkerdeel - De Bollaf!
 Huata – Open the Gates of Shambhala
 Like Bats - Dead Broke Rekerds Tape Comp 5
 Obey Evil - Obey Evil
 Venom - Witching Hour In Malmoe (Live Malmoe 31.05.2007)
 Yidhra - Yidhra
 Заводь - В клочья да в ямы

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