Wednesday, 29 February 2012


From I found many versions of what happened. There is a version of a failed suicide, the case of fireworks, riding a motorcycle without a helmet. If anyone has more detailed information, please contact us!
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  1. omg what is that !!

  2. It's someones face.

  3. must be fireworks

  4. That idiot shot himself

  5. That face cant be repaired its fuckt

  6. That face cant be repaired its destroyed.

  7. So what? Talking about the reason for failure. I am sure that the person was restored. To some extent. Now everything is possible. We live in the future.

  8. This photo is bullshit. If it were real, he would have died from blood loss alone, before medical personnel arrived. And he would have suffocated on blood seeing as all his breathing passages are largely destroyed. Look at him oozing all over the place that's the first thing the medics would have addressed. If you just had your face blown off, you're not going to be sitting at a table for a photo op. And it really looks like a bad Photoshop job around the eyes.

  9. All things are possible. But there's no proof.

  10. dude thats real. heres a similar video
    trust me its a real fucked up thing called the brain not wanting to die even if its only attached to a neck and a arm

  11. I think to know who's this guy.
    He's Italian like me, he comes from Fano.
    There was an accident in the 2000 between a Yamaha R1 and an Austin Rover car.
    The guy reported several injuries on the body, there was the fracture of many bones, not only the face was injuried.
    The guy was operated in Cesena's Hospital.
    His name is Tommaso.

  12. It is interesting, but how can you be so sure?
    By the way, a very long time since I saw a video of this moment. This is not a photoshop.

  13. I met him in Rome (where I live) in 2009 for work, and I noticed that he walked badly, not moving an arm, he had a scar left from under the nose, across his mouth and chin. The nose was very strange ... "pitched". His blue eyes clear. When he noticed my curiosity, he began to tell me of a motorcycle accident, countless broken bones, etc. ..
    He showed me the language: it was slightly "forked" because it had been sewn up the tip. On an eyebrow was visible scar.
    That boy in 2008 will have had 42 years more or less ...
    He knew nothing about, or of any photos that portray.
    And I have insisted on the subject. But do not think that there may be two incidents in which the victims are left without half his face and both have the same damage and the same ochhi light blue ....

  14. The story is interesting, but the dark. Let there be no title.
    Well, why not? I have yet to cover such wounds on his face:
    Flesh Grinder - S.P.L.A.T.T.E.R.
    Grog - The Bluuaaarrrgghh Rehearsal

    This is for example

  15. Face like that he's not going get a date

  16. I saw the same photo 12 to 13 years ago on the caption was nothing gets between me and my motorcycle.