Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Caspar David Friedrich - The Abbey in the Oakwood

Caspar David Friedrich - The Abbey in the Oakwood
Crimson Garden - The Haunt of Fea

Cimmerian Path - Into The Depths Of Ruthless Excellence

Candle Opera - Dream Theatre

Caliginosity - Lusting Dissolution

Bloodshed Divine - To the Ancient Dawn

Electric Wizard - Chrono.naut

Dusk (US) - Mourning...Resurrect+ЕР

Dies Ater - Rabenflug

Cruentus (Pol) - Manifestation of Contemporary Universal Dementia

Inhein - Free Will Exile

In the Depth of Night - Destroyed Kingdom Spotted by Lie
Gates of Holocaust - Battles in Hell
Evil Dead (Svk) - Phantasm From The Black Gate And Time
Elysium Field's Absence Apocalyptic (2004)
Morbus Kronn - Morbus Kronn
Mayhem - In Memorium
Masochism - Masochism
Leviathane - Overwork
Lamentos Ancestrales - Lamentos Ancestrales
Sael - Moonlit Mutilation
Nunkthul - Rylkien nar Enstumet
National Napalm Syndicate - National Napalm Syndicate (1989)
Narglblargloth - Live in Abazagorath
Mørke - Demo I
Yeti - Niflheim
Withered Beauty - Screams From The Forest
Ulfhethnar (Arg) - Beyond Their Mortal Boundaries
Terminal Disease - Dismal [split]
Seventh Seal (Bra) - Torments in the Sky
Atreus - Underneath the Grey Firmament
Arkham (Fra) - Obscurs et Éternels
Angmar (Fra) - Aux Funérailles du Monde...
Altar of the Apocalypse - Black Mass
Adversary - We Must Be In Hell
Abeydon - Las Sombras Acechan

Shroud of Bereavement - Demo
Type O Negative - After Dark
Would - Would
 Descent into Madness - In The Darkest Hours
 Pale Existence - Dark Tranquility
Khthon - Songs on the Grave Side
InSolitude - Century of Darkness
 Revolver (Tur) - Spread Your Soul
 Sawchain - Monument Of Hate
Astrophobos - Arcane Secrets
Thunderstorm (Rou) - Season of Shadows
 Decontaminate - Cleanse And Burn
Disgorge - Victimas
 Aequiternus - Cold Of Loneliness

Goden - Goden
Mystic Charm - Endless Sickness
 Nosferatu's Lair - Swallowed by Silence
 Nusuth - Path To Termination
Brutal Faith (Ita) - Litanies of Damnation
 Garden of Autumn - At the Borders of the Day
 S.Pollution - In the Heart of the Night
The 4th Mirror - Waiting For Life
 Dusk - Dusk
Bitterness (Deu) - Dawn of Golden Blood
 Black Destiny - Silence Breath I
 Winter of Souls - Sunset Of Beauty
Dawn of Winter - Doomcult Performance
 Insanitary (Deu) - Beneath a Blackened Sun
 Subway to Sally - Nackt II
Damnation (Deu) - Anthems of the Damnated
Ivory Tower - IV
D.M.S. - My hatred
Drowned in November - Just Killing Me
Erang - Tome II


  1. Кассета Drowned in November "Just Killing Me"… у CD другая обложка.

  2. Спасибо, интересно

  3. Yet another one!

  4. Не здесь ли самое большое кол-во обложек?

  5. Ой, напомни завтра. Гляну точно. По-моему Триумф Смерти был в переди

    1. Ладно, заодно потом ещё одну подскажу.