Thursday, 16 September 2010

Pieter Bruegel the Elder - Triumph of death

Pieter Bruegel the Elder - Triumph of death
Wolfdusk - Down of Christianity
Slecht - Triumph of Death

Slaveson - Misanthropy

Seigneur Voland - Consumatum Est

Red Heaven - Visiones del Pasado

Odar - Zavjet Dalekom Snu

Obscure Devotion - ...Of Darkness, Death and Faith

Nox Intempesta - Die Lieder von Tod und Ewigkeit

Myrddraal - Falling Sky

Kill for Satan - Doom-Plague-Death

Inzane - Blood Red Death Machinery
Huldrefolk - Morbide Elite
Hate (Bol) - Legado de Odio
Goatskrieg - Following the Darkened Hordes
From the Waters of Lake - Сплит с Primitive Angel Gospoden
Fallen Angel (Dnk) - An Omen of Apocalypse
Exussum - Eternal War
Empire of Souls - Triumph Of Death
Dög - The Rotten Ones
Dislepsia - Delicia Macabra
Diabolus Ex Machina - Songs of Atom, Hope and End of the World
Demon's Flesh - Demo 2005
Deathfrost (Rus) - Death to all (Death t-411)
Death Scythes - ...And The Harvest Begins...
Dark Ages (Ukr) - A Chronicle of the Plague
Cult of Daath - Slit Throats And Ritual Nights
Clagg - Where Dead Gods Sleep
Chakal - Abominable Anno Domini
Carpadium - DEMOlition
Brumalis - Darkness, Hatred and War
Blackmoon (Col) - Evil Made Flesh
Black Wolf - Death Shall Reign
Besieged (Can) - Visions Of Pain
Angelcorpse - Hammer of Gods
Abysmal Fall - Borne Against

Gravewürm - Black Fire
Besieged (USA) - Besieged
The Onslaught - Execrable
 Cadaver Disposal - Signum Gloriae
 Lordes Werre - Canticles of Armageddon
 The Gates of Slumber - ...The Awakening
Wolfnuke - Nightwar
Black Sabbath - Greatest Hits
Oddskabbcatz - Triumph of Death
Expulsion (Svn) - Forest of the Impaled
Netvil - Past, Present...
Opera IX - The Triumph of the Death
Satans Mayhem - Abhor the christians
Stormcrow (Ita) - Hell on Earth
Crypt - Dreams Of Glory And Agony
Nagzul - Summon The Spirits
Virtual Void - No Time For Heroism
Lugubre - Chaoskult (Hymns Of Destruction)
 Pearls Before Swine - Balaklava


  1. Thanks for include our album !!!


  2. Yes, it is. But still contains parts of the original, though.

  3. also
    Univers Zero - heresie (1979)